Overwhelmed is an understatement

I have been overwhelmed for 3 months now.  To those of you who are parents you are probably thinking it is because we have 2 babies to care for……but honestly, that part is easy.  I’m overwhelmed with so much love in my heart, so much thankfulness in my spirit and so much Joy in my life that I wish I could truly express it.   Samuel and Selah were born May 23rd at 10:01am and 10:02am.  Samuel is the older brother, born first.  It all started on September 16, 2011; I was lying on the procedure table watching  the ultrasound screen as the Dr put two embryos in my womb…..tears streamed down my cheeks.   Adam asked “what’s wrong hunny?” my response with trembling lips ” I’m just soooo happy.”  I didn’t know if they would survive but at that moment it didn’t matter I had the hope of what was possible.  Nine months later, I looked up and saw the Doctor hold up my baby boy and then my baby girl.  Lying there this time I just cried being SO overwhelmed realizing my dreams had become a reality and there they were!!!!

It’s hard to explain this “love” that consumes you when you have a child, but my friend Abby asked me to try to explain it to her.  The question of “what is this overwhelming love feeling all about when you have a baby?”   At first I explained to her that I suppose it’s just that you are looking at this new life and it is your own flesh and blood….but then I quickly realized its not that.  It’s that I have a son and a daughter.  Realizing that those words Son and Daughter hold so much more weight and power.  If I had adopted I would feel the exact same way.

The day they were born Samuel swallowed a bunch of blood on the way out and was whimpering all day.  We thought his whimpering/cooing was “so cute” being new parents we didn’t know something was wrong.  Toward the end of the night Adam’s intuition kicked in and realized “somethings not right with Samuel.”  After calling the nurse several times and the nurse telling us “he’s fine” Adam began holding him and watching him very carefully.  Twelve hours after he was born I had my SON throwing up bright red blood everywhere….at that moment I was screaming to the nurses “my son is throwing up blood, HELP!”  Samuel spit up the rest of the night and was absolutely fine by the next morning.  I share that story to share that at that moment that’s when you truly realize that you will do absolutely ANYTHING to make sure that your Son or your Daughter is okay, safe, protected, loved, nurtured, and well.  Nothing else matters in the world anymore just overwhelming love, everything in life begins to pale in comparison.

Since the day they were born I have cried almost everyday out of Thanksgiving.  Just talking about them I tear up 🙂  Yes, you can blame it on the hormones but honestly I am just SO thankful.  I’ve said it 100 times in my previous blogs, but PLEASE go after your dreams.  Don’t let them pass you by, don’t lose hope and don’t give up!  “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” Proverbs 13:12 and I am convinced that this world tries to make people stay in a state of hopelessness……thus making a heart sick.  Hope is a powerful word and one that doesn’t always come easy, but if you can fight for HOPE then know that you will be VICTORIOUS and you will WIN because the word of God does NOT return empty Isaiah 55:11 “so my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but WILL accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”  Plus, your heart won’t become “sick.”

Now, I need to talk about them a little bit.   They are EXACTLY how I thought they would be.  Selah is definitely all girl and starting to be all Sass, and Samuel is my little thinker chill bug.   Both smiley bundles which can melt anyones heart.   Selah was bigger at birth 7.12lbs and not surprised at all because she dominated the womb the entire time.  Samuel was 6.15lbs.  Now at 3 months Samuel is a brick already 🙂  He is growing so fast and is longer and heavier then sissy.  I think twins are easy, honestly.  If I could have a wish, I would wish for twins again with my 2nd pregnancy.  Hehehe, I know you think I am crazy, but honestly it’s all I know and I feel like Adam and I have it under control.  Granted, I have been blessed with what most people would consider “easy babies.”  They truly only cry to communicate something but other then that easy breezy.   Selah has started squealing at the top of her lungs….which can border line shatter glass and Samuel has started giggling.   They are now both in the nursery in their separate cribs and are sleeping 12-14 hours a night with 2 feedings.  Oh…the sleep DEPRIVATION at first…”oh me, oh my”…..seriously, that was NO JOKE!  I have never experienced such exhaustion in my ENTIRE life.  The first 4-8 weeks was a complete blur for both Adam and I.

I have to do a little plug on my husband Adam real quick especially to let SeSe and Sammy know how amazing their Daddy is.   I had a c-section and for those of you who know, its a very tough recovery (mine has been exceptionally rough).  From the second our babies were born, Adam kicked into Daddy mode and hasn’t stopped since.   I don’t say this to upset anyone who wishes their husband would be more apart of the parenting process but to honor my husband and tell my babies that Daddy is absolutely incredible with you two!!!  Adam has taken care of them from day 1 without a blink of an eye, I can even be partial and say sometimes better than Mommy.  Samuel and Selah LOVE to hear Daddy’s voice, love to give him HUGE smiles, love to dance with him, giggle with him etc… They now watch him everywhere he goes…sometimes I am like “hey guys, Mommy is right here” hehe, but they are enamored with their Daddy and I am telling you the feelings are mutual 🙂

So far in the first three months of their lives we have taken three trips.  We love to get out and travel so why not start them young too 🙂  We took them to Myrtle Beach at 1 month for a quick getaway.  Then we took them NC to see their cousin dive at Nationals at 2 months.  At 3 months we took to them to Chicago for Mommy’s work convention.  I doubt we will keep up the monthly travel, but on every trip they were angels!  YAY, to children that love to travel too 🙂

I’ll start to wrap this up and end with several videos and pictures if you feel like you want watch/look at.  Before I go, I want to say THANK YOU so much for all your love, support, prayers, encouragement, gifts, visits, food, edible arrangements, flowers, hand me downs etc….

Looking back, I would DO everything ALL over again!  No matter how hard it was at times emotionally, mentally, and especially physically….those of you who said it would all be worth it in the end “YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!”  Statistics say that 1 out of every 10 women are labeled “infertile” and as I’ve mentioned before it is a painful, personal, and private struggle.  If you know of anyone that is going through this, PLEASE send them my way.  I want to encourage them, talk to them and help them in anyway possible! I want to be that HOPE to them.

Hugs, kisses and lots of love to everyone!!!

Here are just “some pictures” from the past 3 months, I need to download several more to my computer and will get them up on the next post.  xoxox


Quick update from hospital

Hey everyone, wanted to write a quick update.  On Monday morning I had some severe pain in my stomach.   It happened about three times in a matter of 45 minutes.   Adam drew me a warm bath, once I got in the tub the pains never came back.   I had an appointment at 1:50pm that day, so I stayed in the tub until we had to leave.   At the Dr’s the mid-wife I was seeing was concerned about the tenderness in the upper right quadrant on my stomach, as well as my swelling and rash.   She called over to the hospital and they said to come over because they can turn over lab work faster here.   They admitted me and drew up some blood work.  They hooked the babies up to the monitors to watch their heartbeats and watch my contractions.   I am having consistent contractions but nothing that is changing my cervix.   Everything looked perfect.  Tuesday morning the Dr came in and said they might just deliver the babies today because they are 36 weeks now (37 is considered full term).   She called the specialist and the specialist said “no, let’s rule out everything and wait for active labor to kick in).   So I spent all day not eating and drinking waiting for Radiology to scan my organs, more blood work to be done as well as doing a 24 hour urine.  I have had protein in my urine consistently but no other signs of “issues” that have followed.   Radiology images came back great, blood work perfect.  The Dr said they were even bragging about my blood work.   Around 4pm my contractions started kicking into HIGH gear, every 2-5 minutes and pretty intense.   BUT…my cervix wasn’t changing, they realized bc I hadn’t ate or drank all day I was dehydrated.   They gave me and IV and about 6 hours later the contractions subsided, again false labor (geesh).   Well, the nurse put the wrong sticker on my urine, so the lab rejected it and we had to start ALL over….thus here we are Wednesday and waiting to finish my urine.   The specialist said if all is well with the urine we can go home tonight.   NOTHING is wrong, I think they are just trying to be cautious and for these 2 little bundles of joy that are still getting perfected, I don’t mind a bit.  It’s been an exhausting 3 days….why is that???  Isn’t it funny that hospitals make you exhausted.   Adam and I are torn, because since we are here we are ready to meet our babies however we want whats best for them but can’t we at least go home and relax there 🙂  I think we might be going home tonight.   Contractions are now sporadic and thus far I see no reason to stay.   Symptons:  just same ol’ consistent swelling and the itching is unreal at night especially 🙂

I guess that it’s for now, just felt like it was fair to give you all an update.   No more then TWO weeks away!!!  xoxoxox

Twins Update, Pregnancy Pictures, Baby Shower Pics, Dance Dares and MORE….

I really should be better about blogging, because I have personally enjoyed going back and reading my own journey.   It brings up so many smiles and tears all at the same time.

Samuel and Selah are officially 3 weeks away!  That is so surreal to “say” and write.   Both babies are Transverse (meaning side ways, East to West) so unfortunately we will be having a C-Section.   That is scheduled for May 23, 2012.  That will make me 38 weeks and 1 day exactly.   I say unfortunately, but honestly the only thing I care about are seeing their sweet little faces and kissing them to death, not necessarily how they get here.

PAUSE:  UPDATE:  NEWS FLASH:  I wrote this a few days ago and Today we went to the Dr’s and BOTH babies are HEAD DOWN!  This is so surreal and Supernatural!!  The Dr’s told us it would be impossible for this happen this late stage in the game.  HA, I laugh at IMPOSSIBLE!  Always have and always will 🙂  I call it prayer, you can call it what you will.  Thank you Jesus (that is my slogan and well it works 99.9% actually 100% of the time and if you know me, you know this is a fact too)  Eeeek!!!

I have to admit, and I know I’m a hormonal pregnant lady at this moment (ladies you understand)….I tear up EVERY time I think about seeing them face to face.   Today May 1st I am officially 35 weeks pregnant.  When I was 33 weeks I had a Maternal Fetal appointment.  This appointment is where they spend 1 hour on each baby, measuring EVERYTHING literally.   Well, my sweet babies weighed in at 5lbs a PIECE already.  During this visit they switched it to 3D/4D on baby Samuel and OMGoodness I CRIED immediately seeing his sweet little face.  Selah was laying on her belly so we didn’t get to see her, but it’s okay she usually gets most of the camera time anyways, hehe. (this picture the placenta is kind of squishing his face, but you get the idea) Image

 Adam and I did a pregnancy photo shoot almost 10 weeks ago; again sorry I haven’t updated or posted more pictures.   The photographer is waiting on me too.    I work 10 hours a day most days and even though it’s from home and in a recliner, I work A LOT most days.  I absolutely LOVE what I do, so no complaints its just that getting to everything else falls into 2nd, 3rd, well actually more like 5th place.  🙂 Here are some pictures from our shoot.  Thank you Genia at Camden Photography!  ImageImageImage

I also know I haven’t posted belly shots week by week since last blog, so here is my ever growing belly……geesh, not sure how our bodies do this.


I am asked quite often how I am feeling or how I am doing; tough question to answer honestly.   Why?  First of all I’m not one to complain much…I mean what’s the point?!? There is so much to be thankful for in this world, I would rather focus on thanksgiving.   With that being said I usually just say “hanging in there.”  Carrying Twins is NO joke for sure, but this too shall pass right…..absolutely.   Symptoms/Signs; my wrists hurt, my knees kill, my back of course is sore, my pelvis aches, my feet are a disgrace when it comes to swelling, trying to roll from left to right at night is getting MORE impossible, I’m itchy, insane heartburn, I walk slower than a 100 year old grandma (actually I’m barely walking now-wheelchairs all the way, so I guess Grandma is doing better than me at that point), I can barely breath at times bc Selah is squishing my diaphram/lungs, restless legs and hmmm what else J  hehehehe  I’m basically terribly uncomfortable but honestly SO THANKFUL!   I actually look forward to getting pregnant again just to experience ONE.   Lately, I spend 1-3 hours in my bathtub almost everyday, its sooo amazing.   We are putting a pool in and I dreamed of it being done quickly just so I could soak all day everyday….looks like the timing of the pool will be the same time our sweet babies get here.   The bathtub will suffice for now I suppose.   Geesh the things we have to “wait for”……these babies AND the pool…..COME on people 🙂  LOL, JK.

If you didn’t see my post of FB, Ellen Degeneres (LOVE HER) does “dance dares” on her show.   Go to youtube and look up Dance Dares, they are hilarious!  Well, she wanted pregnant woman to do Dance Dares for her Mothers Day Show.  I can barely move as is…..but I sucked it up and here is what we submitted.  This is my friend Brittany (we are 1 week apart in regards to delivering).  Hope it makes you laugh…..we would do more, but I just can’t.   Hoping to see a clip of us on her show for Mothers Day, that would be A M A Z I N G!

Our shower!!!!  What can I say, besides “LOVED.”  Besides the fact of how loved I felt, realizing how loved our babies are, is sooo overwhelming!!!!!!  It’s one thing having my dreams come true but another seeing everyone rally behind you and share in that dream!   The weekend was FULL of love, laughter, joy, tears, and plenty of gifts.   Adam’s Mom (Grandma) and family friend Mark (Pappy) came in from WV to stay with us, then we also had Anne (MA), Sarah (RI), Stephanie (AZ), Val, Frankie, Jody and Mary (FL), Abby, Jessie, Misty (NC), and Andrea (IN) fly in or drive in and stay with us too.   It was FABULOUS! (Huge thanks to my husband for making the weekend a blast for me too) We had my shower at a beautiful Inn close by, and the decorations, the food, the people and everything was JUST perfect!  Several of my gfriends helped put it together; Thank you so much Alicia, Yesenia, Tiffany, Stephanie, Abby, Brittany, Lenore, Mom and anyone else that was involved.  A HUGE MASSIVE Thanks to Amber Wilburn Photography for taking pictures as a GIFT!  To see Pictures, go to my FaceBook 🙂


The friends and fellowship:  Thank you to everyone who came to be with me and my babies; church family, work family, college friends, charlotte friends, Georgia friends, Adams family and my family

Games:  Abby and Steph did the best games EVER.  Favorite: create little April and Adams

Alicia: MC-ing and reading what I wrote to everyone bc I knew I could never make it through. Click Here

Sweet friends Sharing:  Thank you, xoxo

Gifts Galore:  my love language is not even gifts and WOWZERS, I felt sooo loved by all the gifts that we got for our babies…..THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER.

The Nursery:  It’s ALMOST done.  I will post pictures as soon as it’s completely done 🙂

Thanks to my Mom, Wanda and Yesenia I am FINALLY ready to go to the hospital.  Clothes washed, bags packed etc……I’m such a procrastinator plus it doesn’t help that my body doesn’t get around easily anymore.  As for everything else…..well, I’m getting there 🙂

Adam got his Master in Professional Accounting this weekend; I am so proud of him and happy for him.   Now he is home with me awaiting the arrival of our bundles of joy.

Okay, talk about trying to CRAM everything into one blog…..I guess that’s what I get for putting it off.  If you’ve made it this far in reading, thank you for following my journey.  I have a feeling the next blog will be with the BABIES!!!  Ahhhhh FREAK OUT!

And…slightly obsessed and they aren’t even here yet!

Hey everyone!!  I can’t believe the last time I blogged was January 11th, yikes….it’s been almost 2 months.  Not sure much has changed with the exception of my enormous belly!!!  Carrying twins is NO joke.   Several people have said “oh my gosh you are getting ready to pop anyday now aren’t you?”  Um……..NO, actually.   Today is exactly 6 1/2 months.

So, let’s catch up on a few things that I can think of.   I am still on Zofran, but overall feel great and more importantly the babies are doing great.  They remind Mama all day long that they are in there with their kickboxing matches and gymnastics routines 😉  Adam has decided to take a year off from getting his PhD and stay home with the babies and be Mr. Mom!!! Yep, you read this right ladies….Adam will be Mr. Mom 🙂   I am super excited about this.   I work from home already, so I’ll be here, but I DO need to work so rather than hire a nanny, the twins get their Daddy.   Adam got his private pilots license this past week, so he just wants to take care of the twins and take them flying all the time (he’s so silly).  He is also working on his instrument rating and then commercial rating too.  Needless to say his days will consist of flying and babies…..while mama works (which mama loves to do).

Adam and I went to a childbirth class and the RN teaching the class said I would be delivering in the OR and that it will be more like a Circus.   She then quickly said, I mean it will be more like a Party 🙂   Regardless, I am excited and ready and have no doubt it will all go perfectly.

Yes, so I am sligthly obsessed with our sweet little Selah and Samuel already.  Hehehe, when I think of them getting here I tear up immediately.   Gosh, I just can’t wait to see them, hold them, snuggle them, smother them, kiss them, squeeze them etc….. Pregnancy has been no pinic for me, but then I get pictures like these and realize “oh my gosh April, look…..ahhhhhhh, they are soooo freaking sweet.  Then all my pregnancy woes fade immediately.”   Are you sitting down for these two pics….bc they are possibly the sweetest two pictures I have ever seen in my life.

Samuel is sleeping; he is the one with the profile shot.  Selah is looking right at us, saying hello world!

We love you so much Samuel Adam Cleek II

We love you so much Selah Alizabeth Cleek

So, there they are!!!! Our two little sweety pies…..have you fallen in love too yet???  hehehe

We found out this past Friday that they will not let me go past May 22nd, so we will have May babies!!!!!!!!  My Bday is in April, twins in May and Adam’s is in June 🙂

It’s funny…..not sure if other Mom’s would say this, but it’s like I already know them and their little personalities.   I think Sameul is going to be our sweet little snuggle bug and Selah is going to be our “hey everyone i’m here the party can begin.”  Basically just like their mommy and daddy 🙂

I feel sooo blessed to not only have twins but to have had such a successful pregnancy thus far.

Here are updated pics of belly growth.   Thank you everyone for your constant prayers, concerns, encourgaing words, and support.   You have made this an amazing journey for us, especially me.  Seriously, THANK YOU!!!! xoxoxox

Weeks 20 − 22 with my little munckins

Weeks 23 − 25 "yes, mommy and daddy we're growing"

So much to catch you up on…First: Samuel and Selah

Well, what can I say? After all these years of dreaming, seeing and believing for 1) twins and 2) a baby boy and a baby girl…..our DREAMS have come true. We are in fact having one baby boy and one baby girl!!

Let’s first talk about their names. The boy was easy as Adam insisted on having a II, so our boy will be Samuel Adam Cleek II after his daddy. I have always wanted a baby girl and had the name Selah picked out for years. You pronounce Selah (Say-la). My middle name is Elizabeth so we are thinking about naming her Selah Elizabeth Cleek, but than a friend of ours said how about spelling Elizabeth with an A so it’s Alizabeth and they have the same initials. Adam wanted this as well for them, so it looks like Samuel Adam Cleek and Selah Alizabeth Cleek (middle name subject to change) it will be 🙂

The big reveal! Adam and I found out what we were having Friday December 23rd and were keeping it a secret until Christmas morning. We had some drama on Friday trying to find out the sex, well…needless to say we didn’t have full confirmation, but enough to “go with it.” (since then, it has been confirmed) So, we told our families that we didn’t really know and are really disappointed. This was partly a fabrication, but it made it easier to keep it a secret for a day and a half. We new the boy was confirmed, but the girl was a maybe. We had cupcakes made and filled them with both blue and pink icing. Here is a video clip of us calling Adam’s mom (Grandma Carol) Christmas morning (we were going up to see her on the 26th) and then a clip of my family, surprising them and handing out the cupcakes for the “big reveal”
WARNING: My dad’s comment at the end of the video 🙂

Christmas Morning Twin Sex Reveal

I am officially into my 19th week…..Unbelievable. I would say the first half of this has been surreal for me personally, but now it is turning into nothing but insane excitement and reality! Adam and I have a doppler that my sister gave us and can listen to their little heartbeats, simply amazing!!! They have been kicking for several weeks now and Selah is super Fiesty! When her Daddy leans over and starts talking to her, she starts going nuts…Adam can feel them too. Adam can get both of them going pretty good…they love the sound of their Daddy’s voice. Selah is basically sitting on Samuel and when Adam and I went to see them last week Samuel was literally kicking Selah in the head as if he was saying “get off of me.” We of course just giggled and laughed. Adam didn’t get that on tape, but here is a short clip of seeing that they are in fact a boy and a girl. Picture quality isn’t great…sorry. During this ultrasound we saw one of them yawning too….sooooo unbelievably sweet. Yes, we’re in love already 🙂
WARNING: Listening discretion is advised…

Ultrasound Boy and Girl

As you know I was taking weekly pictures so at the end I could put together a slide show, but Adam erased all my belly pictures of weeks 16,17 and 18. So here is week 19! My belly button is slowly disappearing, hilarious!

Nursery decorating and Baby Shower. Adam had a suggestion to ask our friend Alicia if she would want to do our nursery. Alicia of course had it already all planned out in her mind 🙂 Sooo…the nursery will be a suprise, we are SO excited. I can’t believe that we will have a baby shower right around the corner. Something I have personally dreamed of for YEARS and Wala, it’s finally here!!!! Eeeekkkk, we are thinking March/April, so if you want to come mark your calendars!

Gosh, so much more to say…but this is enough excitement for now.

We love you Samuel and Selah, can’t wait to hold you!!!

Finally back

Hello everyone! Wow, I can’t believe I am starting my 15th week already. I would say “where has the time gone?” but honestly…it’s been a looooong three+ months for me. I thought I was smooth sailing until about week 7 or 8 and then “WHAM”….

Okay, to all you Mom’s listen up “why the heck didn’t you warn me, what the “h” I was in for?” (and yes I did just snap my fingers three times in a Z formation). GOODNIGHT ladies…I literally had NO idea. I went into this thinking about how I will be painting rainbows and eating marshmello’s as I grow this belly and have that “pregnancy glow.” LOL, oh boy was I dreaming!!! If you didn’t see my comment on Facebook, I pick my parents up from the airport and Dad says to me “babe, you look like something the dog dragged out and the cat didn’t want to drag back in.” It honestly made me laugh, because 1) I have that type of sense of humor and 2) it was the Truth! I was unfortunately getting sick daily, multiple times a day, my brain had officially turned off, my energy level (wait, what did energy even mean…), being disgusted by food entirely-with the exception of Watermelon (I eat about a half a watermelon a day, and have for about 8 weeks), pale as a ghost, eyes sunk in, going backwards on the scale, oh and don’t let me forget to mention the lack of being able to go to the bathroom (eh hum…let me clear my throat on that one, as I snap again-ladies!). SERIOUSLY….CLUELESS on all fronts! Oh yes, lastly the “mind” games….we won’t even go there. For those of you that battle with your mind during pregnancy, give me a shout out and I’ll encourage you. Lord, knew I needed the encouragement at times!!!

Dr’s say that twins are a double whammy as far as morning sickness etc… I know that not everyone has it tough in the first trimester and for you ladies that don’t-I totally CELEBRATE with you, REJOICE, and would do backflips if I could for you!! I am thankful regardless because I would do anything for my babies and am still “shocked” that this is really happening 🙂 I keep telling them that they better be perfect babies when they get here bc of what Mama has had to go through to get them here 🙂 No pooping, no waking up in the middle of the night and definitely no crying! Yes, I am still trying to paint my rainbows and eat my marshmello’s, let me have my moment.

Please send me any advice you have on pregnancy and survival tactics, the good bad and ugly! Dr has me on Zofran and I do sincerely thank the Lord for putting me in a generation of brilliance and modern medicine. He is so faithful in signs, wonders and miracles and also in the beauty of medicine. Medicine/Dr’s helped me create these wonderful lives, saved my Dad’s life 3 times from a heart attack, helped my mom with a tad bit of skin cancer etc… in my opinion, I think we forget to Thank our Creator for being just that a wonderful Creator specifically in the field of medicine. I say all that to say that I am thankful for Zofran, Preggie pops, natural calm, herbal teas etc…

I have been taking pictures sideways since week 5 and tomorrow starts week 15! Yes, week 15 already! WOWZERS! Here is a series of the pictures weeks 7-15, couldn’t upload 5 or 6 for some reason and lost 14. 🙂

So in 10 days we find out what they are!!!! I’m soooo excited!!!! Obviously, I still think one boy and one girl…but the verdict is obviously still out. If my theory is correct here is a video that will crack you up. This was around week 10 (i think) and one baby was just chillin the whole time and had his arms between his legs. I think this one is the boy because Adam’s favorite thing to do is to chill. Then the other baby was flipping, kicking, dancing and what looked like to me to be sucking her thumb or wanting too. Well, if that’s the girl and she takes after me…I pretty much don’t sit still much and did suck my thumb. Obviously, this is all theory but hey it’s fun to pretend right now, right?!?

Let me set you up for the clip. I’m at the Pregnancy Resource Center where my Mom volunteers to do the ultrasounds, she is scanning me. We have been watching the babies for awhile (what I just explained above), then out of no where the “little baby girl(i think), sucker punches her brother(again, all theory)! Soooo funny!!! It’s a short clip, hope you enjoy 🙂 It’s not completely clear…but you’ll see.

If you guys know of anyone that is going through fertility and or trying to get pregnant and having trouble, please tell them about my story! I have heard from a few women that just want someone to talk to. I would be honored to be that for them!!!

Love you all!!! Be blogging in about 10-11 days to share the “Big News” and tell you about our WONDERFUL Christmas presents; girl/girl, boy/girl, or boy/boy. Best Christmas EVER! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK and a SQUEAL 🙂

Then there were TWO!!!!

WOW and Double Wow! Two little blessings, a double portion of Joy has filled our hearts today.

Not to be cheezy or anything but Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 say’s it perfectly about this life or for you music lovers The Byrds did a great rendition of “Turn, Turn, Turn”.

To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die;
a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
a time to break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones,
and a time to gather stones together;
a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to get, and a time to lose;
a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

A time to rend, and a time to sew;
a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate;
a time of war, and a time of peace.

Today is “time” for me in particularly (Adam is the more subdued one, wink, wink) to FREAK OUT, Jump up and down, scream at the top of my lungs, Dance like a wild women out of control and SHOUT to the Mountain “We won!!!”

Today was our first ever Ultrasound.  I still am shock that this day has finally come.  We saw for the first time that both of our children are surviving and thriving.  As I saw their heartbeats race, I think mine raced faster.   They measured perfectly and the heartbeats were strong as well.   We filmed it, so I will post the video out the end of this blog.

My heart breaks everyday for the couples that are still trying, but all I can say is “don’t give up, and don’t give in.”  This is such a beautiful co-laboring with God our creator that you can look at my story and say “if they can do it, so can we.”  “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23

How am I feeling?   I will officially be 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I feel GREAT!  Not one ounce of morning sickness or nausea.   The babies are being so good to their mama so far 🙂   They do make me sooooo hungry, like SERIOUSLY hungry.   I work really hard during the week so the last two weekends i’ve spent hibernating….Literally!  Adam loves it, because he gets me to nap next to him, watch movies, and snuggle.  I typically like to be doing something and he likes to chill so he told me this weekend “I’m liking this pregnancy thing, because you want to just chill and snuggle and sleep.”

To our sweet little babies.   Mommy and Daddy love you sooo much and loved seeing you today.   Keep growing nice and strong and once you have little arms and legs, play nice…Mommies belly is only so big…don’t need any boxing matches in there.

We will have another ultrasound next Monday.

Love you guys so much.  xoxoxo